Sunday, February 11, 2018

Valentine's Night In

*Disclosure - this read is for the ladies. It get's a little girly & personal. ;)

I don't know about you guys, but we have never been out on a date on Valentine's Day. And we probably won't ever. Matt & I are both homebodies so we don't really want to fight the crowds - I guess now that we live in McCall there might not be crowds! Meh, even then.

On our first married Valentine's I had Matt grab Chili's takeout & meet me at our apartment. I made chocolate covered strawberries & got our favorite show all ready on Netflix and we had ourselves a little couch date. If I remember correctly we wore our jammies, too. I spiced it up with a cheap cotton nighty from Old Navy. Go me. ;)

We still do takeout or pizza on Valentine's Day. Usually Pizza. I tried to get a heart-shaped pizza once and it cost extra so I just got a regular pizza. So much romance.

This year I want to do something a little different. I think we will do homemade pizza. Kess loves to help make this - so I'll definitely do it heart-shaped. I"ll probably do a mini pizza for her with this heart-shaped cookie cutter. I think we will make sugar cookies that day and just have ourselves a little Valentine's Day party. Construction paper hearts and all.

Then after the kids go to bed... ;)

Love day should include some physical love, right? If you're cliche like me - then yes it should. Don't worry we aren't always hot. We've had Valentine's Night where we are both like, "You know I think you're hot right? And I love you, but I'm exhausted." "Right back at ya lover, good night." Seriously - it happens. Hahaha

But it's always fun to plan a little extra something for some special occasion loving if you're up for it!

-I always feel more confident when my legs are shaved & I have some good body butter on. Mostly because I feel better in my skin. Yay for silky smooth legs, right?

-A little smell good never hurt anybody, either. Pure Seduction from VS is one of my absolute faves. It's inexpensive and lasts a really long time. The scent is strong enough with 1-2 sprays, but it's not overpowering. If you're looking for a "treat yourself" kind of perfume... Tocca Simone in my favorite right now.

-Of course, you will need some falsies to play up those eyes that your Valentine loves so much. The Red Aspen Miss lash is a great lash that wears from day to night

-I love adding a fun jewelry piece to my Valentine's Night look. Matt wouldn't notice it one bit, but I would. It would up my confidence and make me feel a little more put together. These fun little ear climber earrings are the perfect touch of simple glam. Simple glam is a thing right? It is now. ;)

-Buy yourself some cheap lingerie. I am not the most comfortable in lingerie right now - because I've grown and birthed babies so I don't feel super hot. But, my husband doesn't give a d*mn about my mom pooch or stretch marks. And I guarantee yours doesn't either, cuz you're practically naked. All he cares about is getting your newly purchased lingerie & on.the.floor.

Here are a few lingerie options for you →

Ok, I think every last one of these little numbers are so cute. After having kids and not feeling my sexiest I've found a liking for something with a little bit more coverage. I still like the sassiness of some of these pieces without feeling like a busted can of biscuits in fishnets. (oh the horror.)

And you know... if you're not flat exhausted - turn on a movie. I always love a good cheesy romance, but we will probably end up watching something in our queue on Netflix or Amazon.

Know that this post was light-hearted and meant to be fun. This is a pretty exaggerated Valentine's Night for us, but sometimes I like to put in a little extra effort. What you ladies do with your Valentine's Day is up to you, and heck... what I have in mind probably won't even pan out, but spending a little one on one time with the ones you love makes for the best day.

I hope this post didn't make you uncomfortable and that we can still be friends! ;)


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