Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Beginning of Our Love Story

Matt and I went to High School together. We even had a class together. We never spoke. Not one word, you guys. Matt played football and I played softball. We never really ran with the same crowd. I always had a lot of respect for him, because I knew he worked hard as an athlete and as a student.
He graduated the year before I did, went to college and I went on finishing my last year of high school, then on to college. I was at Northwest Nazarene University playing softball and Matt was at Boise State University playing football

In the beginning of my sophomore year, Matt and I started chatting on Facebook, just a few conversations here and there. I was having a rough go of things, and shared that with Matt. Looking back, I'm not really sure why I felt the need to share that with him. He told me that he knew that I didn't really know him, but he was here for me, for whatever it was worth. This touched me, mostly because we really knew nothing about each other, but I could tell that he really meant it. One Friday night, Matt and I were online at the same time and started up a private Facebook chat. We talked until 2am. We talked about anything and everything. It was easy and comfortable. Matt asked me out on a date for the next night, but I had a date planned with someone else. I was so disappointed. Gah! Seriously? Of all the nights to be busy. I was regretting telling this other guy yes. We decided to go out another time.

The next day I text my date to see if we were still on and he said that he was sorry, but he had to cancel. Fine by me! I text Matt to tell him that my date cancelled on me. He smoothly said, "I'd be happy to take his place." And with that, our first date was planned. I worked that evening and Matt had a football game, so we planned to meet up after. So around 10:45pm, Matt picked me up. I was living with my parents (they lived 10 minutes from campus), so Matt came in to meet them quick and we were off. With nothing to do. There isn't a whole lot to do in Nampa, after 10:00pm. We drove across town to Carl's Jr. I ordered a chocolate shake and Matt ordered Oreo. He parked the car and we talked and laughed until 1:45am. I had a blast. It was the most fun, yet the simplest date I've ever been on. It was perfect.

The next day I couldn't help but text him to thank him for the milkshake and tell him that I had the best time. He was so worried that the date wasn't fun because we only got milkshakes, but I assured him that I had the best time. He asked when he could see me again.

He came to my house the next Wednesday - we watched a movie, and by watched a movie I mean held hands and talked the whole time. ;) The night quickly came to an end. We were saying our goodbye’s not letting go of each other on my front porch and we kissed. 

That was it - we couldn't spend enough time with each other from then on out.
Two weeks later we said "I love you."
Seven weeks after that we were browsing for rings.
We were planning on getting engaged after the holidays and after the football season had ended - or so I thought.

Christmas Day, Matt set up a little scavenger hunt for me. Let me preface this part by saying that Matt is an amazing writer and at each stop of the scavenger hunt was bits of our love story written from his point of view, which is the most beautiful thing I've ever read. The first letter was under my Christmas tree – it was titled “A Little Something About Us.” It started out with him talking all about the love he hoped to find one day. And how close we were to each other, but never speaking a word.

The next letter was taped to the back of the Carl's Jr. drive-thru menu. This letter talked all about our first date and how thought he wouldn't get a second date, because all we did was get milkshakes. The next letter was where he told me he loved me -  so I headed back to my parent's house. This letter described how nervous he was to tell me that he loved me - he was sure that he was nuts because it had only been a few weeks. I remember the moment well. We were standing by the front door, everyone else in the house had fallen asleep & I could feel Matt trembling, so I asked him what was wrong. I remember him rambling a few things, taking a deep breathe and saying, "Kierra, I love you!" I said, "You know what? I love you, too!"

The next letter was at my work. I worked at a tanning salon a few minutes away - taped to the front door was yet another letter. As I started to read I noticed that this letter was different. It wasn't describing something that we had done together. In fact, I had no idea what he was talking about. I soon realized that he was describing when he asked my parents to marry me. I was at work, so he stopped by my parent's house to ask for their permission. This letter is my favorite. It was incredibly beautiful to see how he described the nervousness that he felt to ask for my hand and then to have him describe how much my parents loved me… in tears. It was so pure and so perfect.

The next and final letter was located at the Boise Train Depot. I have never broken the speed limit so many times. I couldn't get there fast enough. As I pulled in, I could see him. He was standing there with one last letter in hand. This letter described our future and what it could entail - if I said yes to the question he was about to ask me. And with that, he was down on one knee saying the sweetest things. And I said yes.

We were married at the Boise Train Depot on May 14th, 2010.

I often think back to this series of event and just smile. The butterflies and the grand gestures. And I think about where we are now. We've seen each other through a lot in the last 8 years. So many smiles, jumps for joy, tears, laughs, love, angry looks, snarky comments, negative pregnancy tests, positive pregnancy tests, two beautiful children, temples trips, prayers, 1 apartment, 3 houses... and everything in between. It's been a wild ride and while we don't really do anything for Valentine's Day ... as I type this up I have pizza dough baking in the oven, my two kids watching Netflix and I'm still giddy waiting for Matt to get home. Isn't life funny? It has so many ups and downs. So many things that you think are going to do you in. So many things that make your heart soar. I'm beyond grateful that I have Matt by my side to do everything with. Even the things we don't do together - feel together. Couldn't ask for anyone better to be on my team.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. Your story is an example of friendship that's becoming something more. How nice actually!
    I wish I had more time to build relationships, but the work, this eternally exhausting work, I can only use safe videochat but talking is also not bad, and as you say long conversations about everything, I have it, and one wonderful guy in my mind)
    Who knows, maybe, in the end, I'll figure out that this is love actually...