Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bundled Blessings Fertility Foundation

Recently Bundled Blessings Fertility Foundation held their second annual dinner auction & it was such a huge success.

I wasn't able to attend the dinner this year (darn living far away) but I received some pictures from their event & it was so beautiful! So much effort goes into this dinner & everything goes to the most amazing cause.

The awareness of infertility has increased so much over the last decade and it makes my heart so happy that people are aware of this struggle that so many couples go through. While this hasn't been a trial of ours, I'm very close to people who have this trial. I think this would be one of the hardest things to deal with in life. In a perfect world... anyone who wanted to grow their family would be able to. 

Bundled Blessings is working their hardest to make growing families a possibility. Infertility treatments can create such a financial burden on couples and families. To be blunt - they are so expensive! This dinner auction helps applicants get a chance to win fertility treatment grants. 

Bundled Blessings puts together a beautiful dinner with fantastic speakers and a silent auction. They work diligently for almost a year before each event to get auction items donated. Let me tell you - it is no easy task. So when Bundled Blessings asked me if I could help I immediately pulled together my resources and was able to work with some of my favorite shops. 

DockATot donated one of their deluxe DockATot loungers. The Ollie World donated an Ollie Swaddle. And Binxy Baby donated their Original Shopping Cart Hammock. I have personally used each one of these items and have loved each one. You can read my review of each one here, here and here

These auction items were some of the most coveted items and helped raise money for these sweet grant applicants. Bundled Blessings was able to give out... at their second annual dinner auction. They gave out $30,000 in monetary grants, one 50% off IVF (or 3 rounds of IUI from Idaho Center of Reproductive Medicine) and one 50% off IVF from Reproductive Care Center.) That means they helped 7 couples pursue their dream of expanding their families. I can't imagine a much better gift for them!

As always, it's an honor to work with Bundled Blessings & help them pursue all the good that they strive to do!

A huge thank you to DockATot, The Ollie World & Binxy Baby. Thank you for supporting the companies that support this blog and that support Bundled Blessings Fertility Foundation. 


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