Friday, January 19, 2018


Oh man, the holidays kept us insanely busy - is anybody else still tired from Christmas? No, just me? Ok. 

How January is more than half way over - I'll never know. I always seem to take my time with my "New Years Goals" I need time to decompress after the holidays and change my mindset to the new year - hence why this blog post comes to you 18 days after the New Year. *insert facepalm emoji*

I decided to implement 2018 habits instead of goals. You might be thinking, "Uh, Kierra... those are basically the same thing." Kind of. 

I've been listening to the Bold New Mom podcast and I'm loving it. I feel like she eloquently says what I've been thinking. Between my jumbled and interrupted thoughts it's hard to set goals and realize how I feel and why I feel that way... when I listen to Jody talk I have a million "a-ha" moments. 

I'm at the very beginning of her podcast series, but I have listened to episode 4 a ton, because it really resonates with me. It talks about creating habits, not just goals. Like, truly digging deep to find the reason you want to set such "goals" and how to create habits. I typically listen to these through the Podcast App or on iTunes on my phone. I listen while I shower or get ready for the day.


A few things that I would like to make habits of in 2018 are

Less swearing. I don't exactly have a mouth like a sailor, but I do swear more than I should. I'm a smart person, surely I can find different words than swear words. Now with that being said, sometimes "darnit" or "shoot" just really don't cut it for the situation. And sometimes Matt and I swear because it's just flat funnier in the situation, but for all those other situations... I am determined to clean up my mouth. ;)

Workout regularly. I recently gave a talk in sacrament meeting where I talked about how our physical bodies are tied to our soul. When we physically feel better - we spiritually feel better. I whole heartedly know this. It's much easier for me to feel at peace when I physically feel good. When I get a good workout in I feel like I can get more done during the day. The beginning is hard - you're body isn't used to working that hard, but once you're a few weeks in it's much easier. 

Let me also be real with you... while exercise is great for our body and soul - I want to look good dangit!! (see I'm swearing less already!!) I want to feel confident in my close and in just my skin. ;) I don't want stress about wearing a swimming suit, or having a beach day with the kids. I refuse. I'm all about accepting the mom bod, but I know my body's potential. It can be done. 

Less time on my phone. I find myself scrolling over the same stuff that i've already seen instead of just playing with my kids, or cleaning the kitchen. That's just dumb. We aren't allowed to say "stupid" or "dumb" at our house so Kess would be reprimanding me right now, but it really is just dumb. My phone is a big hinderance in my life. I have made a point of setting my phone down & just keeping my Fitbit Charge2 watch on. It buzzes with texts and calls so I won't miss anything important, but I don't have access to any apps. It helps a ton! 

More gospel study. I would normally call this 'scripture study' but I have found myself reading more study guide books, doctrine history books, or books written by apostles or professors. I find them interesting, so hopefully I can do both scripture study and gospel study! I'm currently reading Revelations in Context and it basically gives the inside scoop of how the Doctrine and Covenants came about. 

Read more for pleasure. I love to read. I LOVE getting lost in a different world. I'm a straight up Chick Lit lover. I love love. I really do. I've been trying to broaden my horizons with my fun reads - I'm currently reading 'Caraval' and really liking it! I'll let you know how I end up liking it when I'm finished! I actually put off reading because I become so lost in reading that I want to ignore my children. It's bad. So I am going to try to find that balance and make sure that I'm not watching mindless TV and reading instead. 

I recently started creating a "30 before 30" list. 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. I turn 30 on June 2nd, 2020. So i have about 2.5 years to get this stuff done. If I find myself working on a few of these things into my early 30's I'm cool with that... this isn't a ride or die list, but I wanted to create a few bucket list items and big goals that I wanted to reach in this time frame. I haven't completed the list because I just jot them down as things come to me, but here are a few...

-complete our forever family
-learn to crochet
-learn to sew (better)
-learn to ski - eventually do a black diamond run
-take a trip with Matt sans kids
-hit 5k followers
-make a quilt
-do a trail run
-hike into a lake with Matt - stay the night.
-document our life through my blog
-run 3+ 10k's
-study the Book or Mormon

What are your 2018 goals? I want to hear them!