Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ollie Swaddle

Kess was a total swaddle baby. Tighter the better. Manning is a little less so but I'm trying to get him to come around ;) We've been using the Ollie Swaddle lately, but before it arrived we were using Carter's Swaddle blankets - which I love, but that boy kept busting out of them. Even his doctor was shocked at how many times he broke out of his swaddle after his circumcision. 

The Ollie Swaddle is a moisture-whisking, breathable fabric swaddle blanket. It can be used in a few different ways including arms in and arms out for transitioning out of the swaddle. When Manning first got here I was still trying to figure out what he preferred. He seemed to fight against the swaddle for a bit, then fall asleep & sleep good, long stretches. But I felt bad that he struggled early on. I'm a little stuck in my ways because I am a diehard-swaddler, but I just want him to be comfortable... so he sleeps longer. Because I'm selfish. ;) Now he makes the association between swaddling an sleep, which is great. He is sleeping longer stretches - hallelujah! He still goes to bed just before Matt & I do, that way I get a long stretch of sleep when he does. I need to start getting him to bed around 8:00, but if he goes to bed when I do, then he wakes up once in the night. If he goes to be earlier he will wake up twice or more in the night. He's not a great "dreamfeeder" because his long stretch of sleep starts from the first time he goes down. I tried dreamfeeding a few times & it messed with his sleep cycle. Again, I'm selfish and kinda love only waking up once per night. 

The bottom of the swaddle is open, which makes it easy to do diaper changes, but I still have to take it off entirely because Manning wears one piece jammies.  I try to change him quick before I even feed him, then swaddle him back up for his nighttime nursing sessions, so it's not really inconvenient. But sometimes that backfires with a poop session while I'm feeding him. Because I take the entire swaddle off I feel like he wakes up enough to get a long enough feeding in the help keep him fuller longer. He's usually tired enough after his feeding and a good burp that he swaddles easily and conks right out. 

I washed Manning's Ollie Swaddle today. I love that it comes with a little laundry bag to wash it in. It cleaned up really well & the laundry bag kept hair and fuzzies out of the velcro. 

For color & sizing references... We have the Ollie Swaddle in the color Stone. Manning was born at 6lbs 5oz & I felt like the swaddle was a little too big for him. I would velcro it as tight as it would go & it was still roomy. He is now about 8 pounds and it fits great now. My sister used it on her 8 pound newborn from day 1. So I think 7-8lbs would be optimal for starting to use the Ollie. 

The Ollie Swaddle will be restocking in the next few weeks. Use the link below for 10% off.


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  2. He broke out of his swaddle after his circumcision because his genitals had just been skinned, he was in pain, and likely seeking the comfort of the parents who placed him into the hands of the cutter.

  3. what a sorry excuse for a parent...mothers are supposed to protect their babies not let someone strap them down and cut up their genitals... I can only imagine the agony that poor baby was in... babies should always have access to their hands it's important...

  4. That poor baby. I'm so sorry that your parents didn't love you enough to think you were born perfect and protect you. Awful.

  5. To the parents who support circumcision, what happens when adolescence rolls around? Are you going to tell him he was circumcised? One of the purposes of foreskin is for massaging the glans penis. Don't you think you might owe it to him to explain why things don't work the way they were supposed to anymore? Or will he go looking for some girl to give him head because his dry hand doesn't feel good on his penis and nobody has offered him a substitute lubricant? Or will you just pretend boys don't masturbate?

  6. MGM = FGM. Both of these horrendous practices must be ended ASAP.

  7. Your baby was born perfect. He didn’t need healthy body parts chopped off at birth. The rest of the world thinks Americans are insane for harming their sons.