Friday, January 20, 2017

New Year, New Goals

I know we are on the downhill side of January, but I always take a while to think of my new year goals. I thought I would share a few of them with you.

I'm always hesitant to create new goals for the new year. Mostly because a year is a really long time for your goals to play out. They usually fizzle out by February and those that don't are usually out of commission by summer. I decided to set some goals that will help me survive and thrive. Some of them are your typical New Year's Resolutions, but most of them are things I need to make it through this year. 

-Don't be too hard on myself. Sometimes I watch Netflix & don't fold the laundry that's sitting next to me. I've decided that my life will never be this easy again. I have every right to take advantage of it. I don't do this every day or every week, but sometimes momma just needs to rest. I make dinner almost every night, have clothes washed, I keep Kess alive and happy, my house is usually clean... basically I'm killing' it over here. ;)

-Read more books. I always try to read more religious books or books about personal growth. They always wear me out & then I don't read at all. I just productively spend all my time on my phone. ;) So, I decided to read more books for me. I'm a total sucker for a good chick lit book. I love love stories. So I'm going to indulge & also read books to help me grow. Maybe it will be a personal growth book, then a fun book, personal growth book, fun book, etc situation. 

-Pray more. Morning and night. Matt and I always say our night prayers together, but in the morning I flat forget. I need to work on getting up before Kess. I'm not very good at that. I should do it while I'm getting a decent amount of sleep! 

-Do more activities with Kess. You guys know I'm not anti-TV, but I'm a firm believer in playing outside, or doing something other than mindlessly watching TV. Lately I've been thinking of fun activities for her to play. I'm prepping myself for lots of indoor days in McCall or days when I can't leave because I'm taking care of a newborn and she needs to be occupied. We've tried quite a few, but so far nothing has beat play dough & watercolor painting. She loves them! The clean up is pretty easy for me, which I like. I would love to get some more puzzles and things, too. She's old enough to understand those now & it think she would love them!

-Be there for Matt. Sometimes I feel like a champ of a wife. Dinner of the table & an ice cold Pepsi in hand waiting for Matt when he gets home. Sometimes I'm annoyed at him for working late or for wanting to go on a fishing trip after a long week of work. (I know, stop being so lame, Kierra.) But, the other day he said he needed me to cheer him on, to pick him up, to help him through rough weeks at work... I honestly felt like I've always been really good at that. Not lately. We've both been so exhausted with keeping up with Kess, with handling long, lonely hours and dealing with our upcoming move to McCall. Sometimes ya just gotta hug (or kiss) it out, set your phones aside and pillow talk, ya know?

-Eat to fuel my body, but don't deprive myself. This is a constant battle for me. Constant. I go in waves with my healthy eating. Some phases I'm all, "Soda will kill you." And other phases I'm sucking it down like it's my only lifeline. (current phase) I truly believe in balance. Balance in all things - even food. But I did step on my scale the other day... I all but passed out right off of it. I'm gaining weight pretty dang quickly with baby boy. I know this is just a time in my life where the extra weight is a god thing, but nobody likes the feeling of their thighs rubbing together or their pants sliding right off their back fat. So, I can watch what I eat. Eat good nutritious food & still bring in enough calories to help baby boy grow!

About a month ago, Kess and I stopped in to Boise Juice Co. & met with the owner Jes. We got to taste test a bunch of the juices. She even whipped us up a smoothie bowl. Kess loved that! She kept calling it "ice cweam!" The smoothie bowl was so good & I love that you can get it in a to-go cup if you're busy and on the go! She sent me home with some juices. Kess & I totally loved them! A few of our favorites are...
-Nice Melons (Kess' fave)
-Vanity Pear
-Pineapple Chia (my fave)
-Mai Chai 
& there is a chocolate milk one that Kess thought was pretty awesome. 

There are plenty of options. If you head into their store front on State Street tell them Beautiful Effort sent you & you'll get 50% off a small bowl, smoothie or any juice!

I hope this helps you with your 2017 fitness/health goals. I know it's going to help mine! 

*I know the controversy with unpasteurized juices and pregnancy. I cleared everything with my doctor & felt fabulous while drinking juice from Boise Juice Co. 


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