Monday, November 7, 2016

Baby #2 update

Thank you so much for all your love & congratulations on the announcement of our second baby! We are beyond excited! I'm officially in the 2nd trimester & reeeaaallll happy about that! The first trimester is a doozy for me! I haven't thrown up in a few days & I feel like my energy is finally coming back! I don't know who is more excited about that, me or Matt! Poor guy has been picking the slack around the house for me! 

We are due May 5th, 2017 & find out what the gender is in about 6 1/2 weeks! We are not the people that keep it as surprise until the very end... we can't. We have to know!! 

While I was pregnant with Kess I did weekly bump-date blog posts with my chalkboard, but I think people might have gotten a little annoyed with that, plus I'm not sure I'll have the time this go around, so I'll try to do one every 4 weeks or so. 

I found out I was pregnant on a Monday & Matt had already left for work. We both thought for sure that we weren't pregnant that month based the fact that my symptoms were feeling more period-like than pregnant-like. So we decided to change our mindset & focus on next month.

My period is typically like clock work - it hadn't started in the middle of the night & I felt nothing indicating that it would start later that morning - I have no self-control so I grabbed a test & went for it. Sure enough... teensiest, lightest positive ever. I sat on my bed for a while - squinting & staring. Do I tell Matt yet? Do I wait until tomorrow? Will it even be darker tomorrow? Is this real?

I decided this was the real deal. Kess woke up & she was the first person I told. She smiled real big, but I don't think she really understood what was going on. Then I told my mom, since we were living with my parents at the time - our house wasn't set to be finished for a few more weeks. 

Before Matt & I decided to start trying for baby #2 I asked him how he wanted to find out we were pregnant. With Kess I tested early in the morning, but Matt hadn't left for work yet, so I stumbled into the kitchen in my pajamas, rocking my bedhead, holding a pregnancy test & said, "Uh, this thing is positive!!" Then Matt's eyes proceeded to get huge & he said, "Uh oh!" (Not an uh oh - totally planned, but Matt was pretty nervous nonetheless. I thought it would be nice to share the news in a little better way than that. Matt said he wanted cupcakes & a balloon announcing that we were pregnant with our second baby. We laughed & laughed over it, but once we really were pregnant I knew that would be the perfect way to tell him! 

It almost killed me to wait until after 6:00pm to tell him, but once he got home Kess & I grabbed the cupcakes & the emoji balloon (it was that or a 'happy birthday' Mickey Mouse balloon) & I said, "Kess can you tell daddy what you're going to be?" We practiced all day & she wouldn't say it when it came down to it, so I chimed in for her & said, "Are you going to be a big sister?" Matt looked at me & then back at her, "Kesser, you're going to be a big sister?" She nodded & then Matt looked at me & said, "Really? I thought we were out this month?!" "I know, me too, but it's a positive!" 

Matt then decided that he wished the baby was here already & he didn't want to wait until May!! Sorry honey! ;)

This pregnancy has been better to me than Kess' was. I was miserable during Kess' & this one I've been only kinda miserable ;) I've definitely thrown up less, but I had significantly more nausea than I did with Kess. With Kess I had no nausea - just the constant vomiting. I definitely feel more fatigue with this baby, than I did with Kess, but I'm not sure that's pregnancy related or toddler related. ;)

Again, thank you so much for following along & for all your well wishes! We are so excited to be expanding our family... a little nervous, too but I'm sure we will get over than in a quick hurry! ;)


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