Friday, October 28, 2016

Shape Mags

My last post was about a month ago. I've turned into the "occasional blogger." Crap. I'm determined to be better - but let me tell you... this move! Why is moving so hard? And don't tell me it's because I have too much stuff... because you're not wrong & I don't want to hear it. ;)

Between unpacking, settling in, making sure our house turns into a home, taking care of Kess & getting used to working from home full time, life has been nothing short of crazy.

Kess has been watching way too many shows & I've put off playing with her because she's so independent and does her own things so well. I've turned a new leaf as we've become settled & when I came across Shape Mags I couldn't help but think about how much Kess would love them! When they sent us their starter kit both Kess & I were so excited to play with them.

Throughout our home building process Kess became really familiar with "buiwding howses" & always asks us to help her build a house out of her Shape Mags. They're easy to use (& even easier to clean) & they keep her occupied. I feel better about her playing and building than I do her watching 27 episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse per day. I'm not against screen time, but I've let it get out of hand. If you feel like you need to reign in the TV time at your house & need something fun to do with your kids - Shape Mags are such a fun option. I've heard of people thinking they're the perfect church toy, too. I'm totally sure they're awesome, but as of late we are very late to church & end up sitting on the hard chairs on the hardwood. Tumbling Shape Mags, hardwood flooring & a toddler who has no idea how to whisper cannot be a good combo, right? So maybe if we make it to church on time here soon - I'll bust out the Shape Mags & see how it goes!

Sorry I've been MIA for so long on the blog front. But I can guarantee you that there is some fun stuff ahead & a little house tour, as soon as I clean my house ;)