Thursday, August 11, 2016

Kitchen Sneak Peek

We have our kitchen selections made. I'm so giddy I can hardly stand it. These are our cabinet, counter top, flooring, & back splash selections.

Matt & I both really love cooler tones when it comes to wood. We fell in love with these grey washed wood floors & we able to plan our kitchen around them really easily. We knew we wanted white perimeter cabinets (wish us luck with those through the next few years of raising toddlers) & I was set on a dark stained island. We went with a simple, clean quartz counter top & a simple gray subway tile backlash to tie into the floors. 

I can't wait to see it all come together. I thought these selections would be super stressful to choose, but it was a blast. What is stressful is thinking about your selections until they are actually placed into your home. We have a few more weeks until our kitchen is finished. I'm glad our builder told me to snap pictures to remember everything we chose. Being able to see our choices has helped so much when purchasing furniture.

Now that we have this new kitchen in the works - it needs new furniture.

We have purchased most of our furniture through Overstock. They have great furniture, great deals & even better customer service. This is not an ad. This is my humble opinion! :)

The furniture we have now is either from craigslist, a family members hand-me-down or a gift. It will still be used in our home, of course but we have more space to fill now. It's so fun to be able to buy something new. And scary... furniture isn't cheap. We've been hunting & researching for weeks to make sure that we not only find something we both love, but to make sure we are finding the best deal, too! Not the easiest thing to do. We've definitely has some "win some-lose some" moments, but we have been able to stay on budget & furnish the house with things we both love. I'm sure Matt is getting tired of my "Your wife is a bad ace!" texts informing him how much money I just saved us by scouring websites to find the best furniture deals, but he deals. ;)

Chairs (in steel) Table  (similar) Barstools (in steel)


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