Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dry Shampoo Love

I've been doing hair for over 5 years now & I am always looking to help my clients feel great, look great & to personalize their hair routine. Some of mt clients have a real love for product, some want to keep product to a minimum. For me, personally I love product, but hate the feel of a ton of it in my hair. I am a firm believer in a thermal protectant & will forever be a lover & advocate of dry shampoo. 

I get clients telling me that they hate washing/drying/styling their hair every day & ask what I do. Well... I don't. ;) I don't wash my hair every day. It's kinda terrible for your hair. I can go about 4-5 days without washing my hair & it's the perfect "mom hack." 

Funny fact - Matt almost died when I hopped out of the shower without my hair washed. We were newlyweds & he had no idea that I didn't wash my hair daily. I believe his words were, "gross." I think he appreciates the time is saves now ;)

I have used plenty of dry shampoo products & have fallen in love with the one I'm currently using. AG Dry Shampoo is perfect for my fellow brunette friends. Most aerosol dry shampoos spray a white film onto your hair - not cool. So when I was introduced to the colored line I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try it! Never fear blondes, AG has a blonde colored dry shampoo as well. It's perfect for a root touch up, too. Double win!! 

If aerosol dry shampoo isn't what you're looking for - don't panic... I've got a little something for you, too! Alterna Caviar powdered dry shampoo is perfect for that minimal product feel! It is white - so keep that in mind, but it does blend into the hair really nicely. Alterna has been once of my favorite product lines since I was in hair school & I don't see that changing for like ever. ;)

Here's a little secret about dry shampoo... I honestly feel that no matter how expensive, inexpensive, professional or nonprofessional your dry shampoo is - you have to know how to use it properly. 

1. Spray/sprinkle your dry shampoo throughout your hair - I use 1inch-ish sections.
2. BRUSH YOUR HAIR OUT. Really. Take a paddle brush & thoroughly brush your hair from roots to ends. This will distribute the product & eliminate the oils produced by your scalp. 
3. Style hair to your preference.
4. You look beautiful!

I'm loving the messy/beachy wave look lately. It's super easy to achieve & really easy to replicate on dirty hair. 

Dry Shampoo for every budget...

Do you use dry shampoo? What is your favorite brand? 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Toddler Meals

Kess hasn't ever been much of a picky eater. She's actually more picky now than she's ever been - I chalk that up to being old enough to have an opinion & a say in what she wants.

She took pureed foods like a champ & once she could pick up small pieces of food I felt like the possibilities were so fun! She loved small noodles, peas, raisins, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, chewy granola bars, little squares of cheese, etc. It was so fun to see what she would enjoy eating. As she got old enough to eat what we were eating her likes & dislikes became more clear. If she didn't like something I never pushed it. I stopped giving it to her & would eventually try it a few weeks/months later to see if she changed her mind. Sometimes she did, sometimes she didn't. 

I absolutely love to think of new meals for Kess to try. I think it's so fun. Not sure if that makes me weird, or just a mom. ;)

I have found it hard to not let "mom guilt" destroy my love for meal making. Do you ever feel like if your child's food isn't kale, quinoa, organic or triple washed in unicorn tears then it just isn't good enough? I do. Honestly I pride myself on feeding Kess wholesome good foods, but let's remember that she's a kid. Kid's love macaroni & cheese, chicken nuggets & what have you. It's ok to feed your kids kid food every once in a while. 

Below are some of our favorite Kess meals... 

1. Mandarin oranges, strawberries & cut up granola bar
2. Diced pears, cheddar cheese & Costco Dino Nuggets with "wanch" or ranch ;)
3. Greek yogurt with agave, diced pears, & cinnamon sugar toast
4. Cheddar cheese, veggie straws & PB&J bites
5. Jello, mozzarella cheese & mini corn dogs with "chup" or Ketchup ;)
6. Diced pears, pretzels & grilled cheese sandwich
7. Strawberries, diced pars & scrambled eggs
8. Corn, french bread & spaghetti
9. Laughing cow cheese with pretzel sticks, green salad & pizza

Can you tell she likes diced pears? I just buy the little cups of them.. I usually grab the ones that are in 100% juice, but sometimes they're out so I'll get the ones in light syrup & rinse them. Kess loves cheese (got that from her momma) so I bought these super cute mini cookie cutters & used them a lot. She has never been a huge fan of pb&j, so I cut them into mini heart shaped to see if that helped. It so did. I had to make 2 more sandwich that day. Jello is usually a treat & she loves it. She always asked for "mo' je-o?" Sometimes I make a big batch of jello if I'm feeling like it, but we usually just buy little cups of jello & they last for quite a while. Spaghetti is a fan favorite at our house... does anybody else eat corn with their spaghetti? I sure as heck didn't, but Matt loves it. And now so does Kess. Pizza is another favorite at our house. We usually grab a take&bake after a long day & then have the left overs for lunch the next day. And no, Kess definitely did not eat that green salad. A mom can try, right? ;) She did like some ranch off the lettuce though... baby steps?

Some other favorites of ours are Annie's Mac&Cheese, grilled chicken, rice, green beans, skittles ;), greek yogurt covered raisins and much more.

These RePlay Recycled plates are amazing. They wash up so nicely & endure the constant fork-stabbing skills of a toddler. RePlay Recycled kindly sent us an entire set in purple that included the plate, a cup, silverware, a bowl, a sippy cup & a snack container. I am in love with them & want to order more. I love the divided plate for different foods & all the colors are so bright & fun! I can't wait to order more!

What are your go-to meals for your kids? Give me all the ideas! 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Kitchen Sneak Peek

We have our kitchen selections made. I'm so giddy I can hardly stand it. These are our cabinet, counter top, flooring, & back splash selections.

Matt & I both really love cooler tones when it comes to wood. We fell in love with these grey washed wood floors & we able to plan our kitchen around them really easily. We knew we wanted white perimeter cabinets (wish us luck with those through the next few years of raising toddlers) & I was set on a dark stained island. We went with a simple, clean quartz counter top & a simple gray subway tile backlash to tie into the floors. 

I can't wait to see it all come together. I thought these selections would be super stressful to choose, but it was a blast. What is stressful is thinking about your selections until they are actually placed into your home. We have a few more weeks until our kitchen is finished. I'm glad our builder told me to snap pictures to remember everything we chose. Being able to see our choices has helped so much when purchasing furniture.

Now that we have this new kitchen in the works - it needs new furniture.

We have purchased most of our furniture through Overstock. They have great furniture, great deals & even better customer service. This is not an ad. This is my humble opinion! :)

The furniture we have now is either from craigslist, a family members hand-me-down or a gift. It will still be used in our home, of course but we have more space to fill now. It's so fun to be able to buy something new. And scary... furniture isn't cheap. We've been hunting & researching for weeks to make sure that we not only find something we both love, but to make sure we are finding the best deal, too! Not the easiest thing to do. We've definitely has some "win some-lose some" moments, but we have been able to stay on budget & furnish the house with things we both love. I'm sure Matt is getting tired of my "Your wife is a bad ace!" texts informing him how much money I just saved us by scouring websites to find the best furniture deals, but he deals. ;)

Chairs (in steel) Table  (similar) Barstools (in steel)

Monday, August 1, 2016

Kaiserman Hair Design

In July of 2011 I graduated hair school with all sorts of hopes & dreams. My husband had just been accepted into the MBA program at Boise State so we had 2 hard years in front of us. I planned on working my tail off to put him through school!

 I figured I had the wherewithall to start a small business & just do things on my own. Significantly easier said than done, folks. Plenty of tears, lack of clients & heartaches later...

My husband was blessed with a stressful, but wonderful job/career opportunity so he took that & I balanced our finances out with hair. I was only working a few days a week, so I was home enough to take care of everything. My goal was to make sure that Matt had to do nothing but work & school. No house work, no yard work - nothing. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think I did a pretty good job of that besides the occasional, "Do I have clean underwear?" ;)

Throughout my career I wondered if I had made the right decision to start my own business instead of working for someone. Honestly, no it probably wasn't the right decision. Looking back over the last 5 years... we struggled. But for our "now" little family - it worked. Matt taking the career opportunities he did made a huge difference of our family. It catapulted him into a career position that we didn't ever see ourselves in before the age of 30 or 40. I have a big enough clientele to work 2 days a week, yet spend the majority of my time with Kess. & it's perfect for us.

1 year ago TODAY I started Kaiserman Hair Design. By the beginning of October I will be home full time. This has been a dream of mine since before I started hair school. We added a little salon into the home we are building & it could not be more perfect!

It shares our mudroom & it's right off our kitchen/family room so I can see my kiddos watching a movie, playing, etc. I will still working 2 days a week, mostly half days while Kess naps, or while she plays. She's actually come to the salon with me a few times already & handles it will so I feel comfortable with it being in our home.

Here is some of my "at-home-salon" inspiration...

The paint color is the color that is going throughout our whole house. It's Sherwin Williams in Agreeable Gray. We love it. It's lighter than the swatch shows. The flooring isn't exact, but it's the closest I could find the the flooring we actually have picked out. It will be throughout the kitchen, dining room & mudroom/salon. I can't wait to hang my huge mirror. It will be hung between 2 windows that face the backyard (for watching my little kiddos play.) I've been dreaming about this salon for years now & it's so fun to see it all come together.

I'l' be taking clients at home starting October 6th.

I'll be posting some of our home selections soon!