Thursday, July 14, 2016

Kess is 2

Two feels like such a milestone, not sure why, but it does. I'm loving 2 year old Kess. She is talking more and more, I swear she learns something amazing everyday & she truly is so sweet (even is she isn't the greatest sharer.) 

Kess loves to watch "shows", she loves her Kane dog "Tane." She thinks "jumpeeeen" on the tramp is the best thing ever & loves her daddy. She thinks scooping dog "poo" is awesome. She even says, "Poo, yuck yuck!" She points out everyone's car in my parents driveway & loves to cuddle before bed. We are loving all of her new words and mannerisms. I get so excited when I hear her say or do something new. We bought her a little kitchen for her birthday & she's loving it - even if she did put her stuffed puppy in the microwave. Oops. 

For Kess' birthday day I was still in desperate need of a swimming suit I felt comfortable in since we were planning on taking her to Roaring Spring Water Park later than afternoon. I didn't have much luck at a few stores the day before, so we hit up TJMaxx & I found 2 that I really loved. I settled on a black/black mesh one with some tummy control (mom win) & scored it for $30. I definitely didn't feel like a Victoria's Secret model in it, but I'm about 5 lbs down & am starting to feel pretty good. I decided to suck it up, not wear a cover-up or shorts & just have fun with my girl & you know what... we had the best time in the kiddie pool at the water park. 

After finding a suit, we ran home for lunch & nap time. She conked out & Matt came home a little early from work so we could spend a few hours at the water park. Kess was pretty nervous at first. She's like her mom like that - always a little apprehensive, but then she found a floaty tube to play in & she was set. We convinced her to go down the yellow kiddie slide once. Once & only once. She seemed to have fun when we went, but she was not having it any other time we tried. Kess lasted about 2 hours before we decided to head home for dinner. We gave her her present then! She was pretty dang excited about it, but was mostly excited about the little telephone that comes with it, "He-o?"

(A little nervous to post this ^, but this is real life folks, I'm a momma - not a VS model.)

It wasn't much longer before she was all sorts of cranky from having a super busy day. Believe it or not, Kess isn't always smiling & happy. Girlfriend has a cranky side, too! We got that cute girl all snuggled up in a new pair of jammies that I swore looked way too big for her, but they totally fit just right, & off to bed! I felt a little sad as I dressed her for bed. She's growing so quickly, it's hard for me to wrap my mind around it. Matt & I wrapped up the evening by hot-tubbing (We will miss that when we move out of my parent's house) & finishing off Kess' birthday cake like the stellar parents that we are. ;)

Thanks for celebrating & for all the birthday wishes for our sweet girl! XO


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