Monday, July 11, 2016

Kess' 2nd Birthday Party

Ok, first things first. How in the holy heck is my baby 2? 2?! I don't even know how it happened. Time seriously flies. I remember people telling me how quickly times passes when I first had Kess. I also remember thinking, "I wish time would go by fast! I miss sleeping. When does this thing sleep through the night?!" Well, she sleeps through the night now & I creep into her room just to smell her yummy, freshly washed hair & give her extra kisses... #momisweird 

I wanted her little birthday celebration to be low key, but ya know... walk into Zurchers Party Store &... I want to buy all the things. I kept it in check like a champ, but just couldn't leave without colored plates & matching M&M's because what kind of party would it be without those?! 

I made her cake in case you couldn't tell ;) I never said I was a cake decorator. I had never worked with fondant before, but I think it turned out pretty cute & it didn't cost me $40+ to have someone else make it. Kess even knew it was a "keeety", so there ya have it. Win win. We opted for a simple BBQ, salads and chips. I whipped up a few cupcakes last minute for those who love chocolate (me.) 

Kess wasn't so sure about everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to her, but she got over that in a hot second & loved it! She even blew out her own candle, which brought on the applause, which she didn't hate! ;) She didn't really care to open her presents, but has loved playing with them after everyone left! I think kid parties are so fun to throw. I really do try to keep them super simple, but put enough effort into them to make them special. (Hence that sweet homemade cake haha) 

Kess' little outfit was one of my favorite parts of the day. Granted, I knew that adorable white dress wouldn't stay clean for long, so we snagged pictures while it was semi-clean. I paired her cute little white dress (from Old Navy - in-store) with some sandals that I've been eyeing all summer & bought on sale (for $6) last week. And to top off her little outfit were these colorful baby tights from Lunaby Baby! They're made with thicker material, so that's super nice! Plus, the color is so vibrant & wild that I just couldn't help but add them to her birthday outfit! 

Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes for our sweetest girl. Her actual birthday is Wednesday & we have some fun plans as a family of 3. We decided to just celebrate all week long! She's totally worth it! 

Have a wonderful week, my friends! XO


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