Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth of July 2016

Matt took Thursday & Friday off for the 4th of July so we had an extra long weekend! It's so nice to have Matt around extra. He works so dang hard & tends to work some long hours, so we soaked him up all we could!! We spent the weekend furniture browsing, finalizing some plumbing fixtures for the house & finally getting to see the upstairs of our home! Framing is pretty much complete & it's so fun to see our plans come to life! We are loving all the progress at the house, but I think it's making me even more antsy so get moved it! We can't wait!! 

On Saturday we decided to go out riding with some of my family. We headed out to the Silver City area & hopped in the side by aides. We put Kess' car seat in the back & she was not having it! I finally convinced her to get in because I was sitting in the back with her. I thought she would totally love it, she only seemed slightly amused while riding. But, boy does that girl love the outdoors & the mountains! She was all about picking up sticks, rocks & cow poop (gag.) I don't know what it is, but everything tastes better in the mountains, too! Nothing beats a hot dog & some chips hahaha! After lunch we went out riding again & Kess finally fell asleep for a 25 minute cat nap. 

We pulled into town long enough to rinse off & head out for dinner. Kess was pretty restless so Matt & I took turns going on walks with her until our food came. We were all so dang hungry we inhaled our food & headed out. That's where Kess lost her cool ffr being a trooper all day long. We couldn't make it home for bed fast enough (you know, one of those types of tantrums.) 

Monday morning was spent out at the house. We were able to finalize a few things with some electrical outlets & plumbing rough-ins. It doesn't sound that exciting, but it really was for us! 
After Kess' nap we got into our patriotic gear & headed to my sisters for a BBQ! I am a sucker for holidays & family get-togethers! The food is always good & the company is awesome! 

Fun fact: my sister & I married brothers, so she's my sister & sister-in-law! ;) and the 4 of us showed up all sorts of matchy matchy! And my sister is just as cool as I am by wearing last years 4th of July shirt! ;) 

I hope you all had a wonderful & safe 4th! We are starting off this 4 day week with potty training! Wish us alllll the luck! ;)


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