Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Neat Cheeks

I stumbled upon Neat Cheeks over 6 months ago & thought "That's genius!" I ordered a small bag & decided to give it a whirl. For the longest time Kess hated getting her little face cleaned after she ate. I used a damp paper towel & she was just not having it. I started telling her that we needed to make her face kissable. I would scrub her down super fast & ask, "Are you kissable?" She would show me her face, I would do a quick inspection & give her a smooch if she was all clean. 

This little game has continued to this day, but I'll tell you what... it's even easier & more fun now that we use Neat Cheeks. These wipes are stevia infused & they taste great!! I totally tried them myself! ;) The first few times Kess wasn't super happy about her face being wiped down so I wiped her little tongue quick so she could get a taste of the wipe. She looked up & said, "Mmmmm!!!" That also continues to this day! We have tried the "natural flavor" & the "just peach." I love the peach! It's so delicious! It doesn't taste artificial & the stevia is just something that can't be beat. For my local momma's - these are available at the Boise Nordstrom Rack or you can order them online! You can also find a location near you! 

These are a must have for us. We don't use them after ever meal, especially now that Kess is a little tidier eater, but you better believe that we have some in the car, in the diaper bag & some at home! I hope you all take the chance to try these! You won't regret it! Follow on Instagram for deals & promos!

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