Friday, June 24, 2016

#BEtoddler Sensory Beads

This blog series has been swirling around in my mind for a while now, so I just decided to go for it. Over the last year & a half or so, as Kess' fine motor skills have developed, I have been thinking of little activities for her to do. Something she can do while I'm trying to cook dinner, or something quiet for her to do during church... all things to help her learn, grow or expand her find motor skills... or heck, just something to keep her entertained!

Today I'm going to share one of her favorite activities.
In fair warning, it's a messier activity. I grabbed these sensory beads from Amazon a while back & have loved them! They come in teeny tiny bead form.! You only use a teaspoon at a time so they last forever. You add water to the teaspoon of beads and let them soak for a few hours & voila... (tons of) slippery sensory beads. Kess loves to squish these, transfer them from one bowl to the other, run her little fingers through the beads. You name it. Now, they are bouncy little suckers & they most definitely get spilled, so once you're done, be sure to sweep up the beads because they make a bigger mess when you step on them! ;) 

I hope this inspires you to give your kiddos a little quiet play time & I hope you get to shower, cook dinner, clean or whatever the heck you need to get done while they play! Do you have a go to activity to keep your toddler busy? Share it with us! We would love to try it!


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