Monday, May 2, 2016

#classicallymodest Sunday Style

My Sunday style used to be 5 inch heals and the prettiest dress I could find. I never dress up so being able to spend time getting ready and putting some extra effort into my outfit was so fun. I didn't like looking too casual next to my husband who is dressed in nice dress pants and white shirt or a suit.

My mentality has changed a little ever since Kess has been mobile. I still wear heels, I still try to dress in my Sunday best, and to put some extra effort into my style, but I go for functionality now. Kess is always on the go and also hates to be left in nursery. So I'm usually sitting in one of those  min-chairs or sitting on the floor playing with her. Functionality & comfort are key.

Skirt (old) similar 1//2

This outfit is one of my new favorites. Plus, these shoes are beyond comfortable! I've been eyeing shoes like this for a long time. I was thrilled when I saw them at Old Navy for half the price (they were even cheaper in-store)

Another thing I love about this outfit is that all 3 pieces are crazy versatile. I have worn each of them separately with multiple outfits. You guys know how I love a good versatile piece, let alone 3 of them! ;) I hope this helps you expand your closet a little bit! 


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