Sunday, May 15, 2016

Anniversary Weekend

We spent our weekend celebrating our 6th year of marriage. Matt has a pretty hectic schedule & the last few weeks have been crazy busy with moving & settling in at my parents' house. So we opted for a low key Saturday. We got up, made breakfast with Kess & headed out to D&B to buy some garden plants. Kess loved seeing the bunnies & chicks. Her little face just lit up! Seriously, so cute! We usually have a big garden, but since we are living with the parents for the summer we decided on a little potted garden on my parents' deck this year. Kess was all about helping plant & water. It was so fun to watch her get excited about putting the plants in the soil & making sure the plants had enough water.

We put Kess down for a nap after lunch & I took my dear, sweet time getting ready for our dinner date. If you've been following along for a while then you know that Matt & I LOVE the Brickyard in downtown Boise. We ate there last year on our anniversary & have been looking forward to it ever since! ;) It's a little pricey - not outrageous, but enough to make it a special occasion place!

We had the best time just sitting there waiting for each course. It's so fun to spend some one on one time with your spouse & talk about the your past & your future. We (of course) talked about Kess for most of the evening, too. Once our main course came out we definitely stopped talking & had to decide if we were going to inhale the delicious food or slowly savor every bite. If you're looking for a quiet, elegantly casual place to eat -The Brickyard is your place. The staff was awesome & they even comped our dessert in honor of our anniversary. 

We waddled our way to the truck & made it home in time for Kess to jump all of her energy out on the trampoline & then hop in the bath. I love date nights that end early enough to tuck your babe into bed & then change into your comfies & watch a show. 

Our anniversary was one of those regular days that had some extra oomph to it. We had a typical, chill Saturday, but got to treat ourselves to something special to celebrate us. Celebrate all of our hard work, our unfailing dedication to one another & really focus in on our love for each other. Matt even got me an anniversary card & had it waiting in the truck! His sweet words totally made me tear up! He's so good!

A huge thank you for all your sweet comments & well wishes on our anniversary!! And my sincere THANK YOU for following along in our little journey called life! I'm so glad you're here! Have a wonderful week! 


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