Wednesday, May 25, 2016

BBQ Chicken Recipe

A few weeks ago Matt mentioned that he thought bone-in chicken on the grill sounded so good. I've never even attempted to try it so figured I should give it a whirl. Spoiler alert... nailed it.

I told my momma that we should give it a try when we were menu planning before a grocery run... I'm totally spoiled right now because we recently moved in with my parents while our new home is being built... Cooking is so much more fun when you have a buddy! ;)

Because we were new to this BBQing bone-in chicken, we decided to turn to the experts of Pinterest. ;) I found this post super helpful. Turns out that there is a science to grilling bone-in chicken. I would have definitely done that wrong! Phew!

The chicken takes about 40 minutes to grill & 2 minutes to inhale. We seriously could not have cooked it better. Not to toot my own horn, but toot toot.

Of course, Matt had to work late, so my momma & I were the grill masters. Matt was super impressed (that's how you know you rocked a recipe.)

Let me know if you give this a try? Much easier than I thought & tastier, too! Plus, it's the perfect thing to try at your Memorial Day BBQ! Happy Wednesday!!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Anniversary Weekend

We spent our weekend celebrating our 6th year of marriage. Matt has a pretty hectic schedule & the last few weeks have been crazy busy with moving & settling in at my parents' house. So we opted for a low key Saturday. We got up, made breakfast with Kess & headed out to D&B to buy some garden plants. Kess loved seeing the bunnies & chicks. Her little face just lit up! Seriously, so cute! We usually have a big garden, but since we are living with the parents for the summer we decided on a little potted garden on my parents' deck this year. Kess was all about helping plant & water. It was so fun to watch her get excited about putting the plants in the soil & making sure the plants had enough water.

We put Kess down for a nap after lunch & I took my dear, sweet time getting ready for our dinner date. If you've been following along for a while then you know that Matt & I LOVE the Brickyard in downtown Boise. We ate there last year on our anniversary & have been looking forward to it ever since! ;) It's a little pricey - not outrageous, but enough to make it a special occasion place!

We had the best time just sitting there waiting for each course. It's so fun to spend some one on one time with your spouse & talk about the your past & your future. We (of course) talked about Kess for most of the evening, too. Once our main course came out we definitely stopped talking & had to decide if we were going to inhale the delicious food or slowly savor every bite. If you're looking for a quiet, elegantly casual place to eat -The Brickyard is your place. The staff was awesome & they even comped our dessert in honor of our anniversary. 

We waddled our way to the truck & made it home in time for Kess to jump all of her energy out on the trampoline & then hop in the bath. I love date nights that end early enough to tuck your babe into bed & then change into your comfies & watch a show. 

Our anniversary was one of those regular days that had some extra oomph to it. We had a typical, chill Saturday, but got to treat ourselves to something special to celebrate us. Celebrate all of our hard work, our unfailing dedication to one another & really focus in on our love for each other. Matt even got me an anniversary card & had it waiting in the truck! His sweet words totally made me tear up! He's so good!

A huge thank you for all your sweet comments & well wishes on our anniversary!! And my sincere THANK YOU for following along in our little journey called life! I'm so glad you're here! Have a wonderful week! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Move it

We did it. We survived our first big move. The last time we moved, we moved out of our 740 square foot apartment. Everything we owned fit into a trailer with room to spare. That was so not the case with this move. I was embarrassed by all of the things we had, to say the least. How do 3 people (one of which is under the age of 2) accumulate so much stuff? We actually "spring clean" a few times a year, because we are weird. It's pretty liberating to throw away or donate the stuff you no longer need.

We bought our first house right after our 1 year wedding anniversary, we were totally babies! I mean, look at those pictures above! The home was half fixed up & half not. So we took on the challenge of "fixer-upper"... Not exactly Chip & JoJo style because we did most of the dang work ourselves. We remodeled the kitchen twice. TWICE! I don't recommend that, but the outcome was beautiful, so we can't complain! ;) Matt & I often talk about how we literally put blood, sweat and tears into this home of ours. For real. After a yard, bathroom(s), kitchen and bedroom remodels over the course of 5 years... we decided it was time to move! ;) 

Reno 1

Reno 2

As we walked through our empty house we thought about all the dreams we had as we moved in as newlyweds. We had so many wide-eyed dreams like finishing school, working jobs that actually paid in money, starting businesses, having kids... we did it. We have so many memories in that house. It actually hurt to let go. But now someone else gets to reach their dreams and we get to start memories in our new place.

We are living with my parents until our new home is done. We feel beyond blessed to build our home. I can't wait to share the process with you all! I have so much inspiration material for this new house thanks to Pinterest. I'll be sure to share some ideas we have for our new home. Thank you for all the warm wishes & love about this next fun step in our lives!

Monday, May 2, 2016

#classicallymodest Sunday Style

My Sunday style used to be 5 inch heals and the prettiest dress I could find. I never dress up so being able to spend time getting ready and putting some extra effort into my outfit was so fun. I didn't like looking too casual next to my husband who is dressed in nice dress pants and white shirt or a suit.

My mentality has changed a little ever since Kess has been mobile. I still wear heels, I still try to dress in my Sunday best, and to put some extra effort into my style, but I go for functionality now. Kess is always on the go and also hates to be left in nursery. So I'm usually sitting in one of those  min-chairs or sitting on the floor playing with her. Functionality & comfort are key.

Skirt (old) similar 1//2

This outfit is one of my new favorites. Plus, these shoes are beyond comfortable! I've been eyeing shoes like this for a long time. I was thrilled when I saw them at Old Navy for half the price (they were even cheaper in-store)

Another thing I love about this outfit is that all 3 pieces are crazy versatile. I have worn each of them separately with multiple outfits. You guys know how I love a good versatile piece, let alone 3 of them! ;) I hope this helps you expand your closet a little bit!