Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Must Have

Once again my Friday Favorites have turned into Monday Must Have... you would think my Friday would be the least busiest day of my week, but lo & behold - Fridays turn into crunch time. Lots of laundry, house cleaning & errands so we can enjoy our weekend together. This weekend we got to feed the ducks & play at the park! It was so fun. Kess loved it, which means that we loved it.

 Hopefully this post finds you happy on a Monday! We are trying to get back into the swing of things over here! Here are a few things to brighten you Monday & start your week off right!

Ocean Spray PACT - Saw these are Winco & grabbed a few to try them. I will be going back today for like 25 more. No kidding. So good! All of the flavors are delicious! No green tea extract (I don't drink tea, unless it's herbal), no crappy sucralose or aspartame. 10 calories. You're so welcome. 

Kid Made Modern Wood Beads - during our little outing to Target (you can read about that on Instagram @beautifuleffort) I grabbed some wood beads that Kess can string on to pipe cleaners or ribbon. She likes hands on stuff and I figured it was a good church activity. Well, I thought it was until some beads went flying everywhere. Matt face-palmed mod-sacrament meeting, but I still stand by it! ;)

NuMe Wand - This is the wand I use to give my hair some beach waves. I use the 25mm & I love it! They're always on sale, too. Follow them on Instagram to get a heads up on deals!

Thai Chicken Salad - Lunch time is one of the times I get to eat in peace. I savor it. Big time. I usually eat right after I put Kess down for a nap & right before I get my chores done. I've been trying to eat hearty yet healthy lunches! This one is beyond delicious and fulfilling. I tweaked the recipe a little to lower the calorie count, but that peanut sauce is to die for! Yum!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!! 


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