Saturday, April 2, 2016

Children's Book Day

Kess loves books. She loves to point things out, make noises & pretend read. Actually, it's one of the ways I can get her to settle down for a bum change. I hand her a book & tell her to read to me. Then I get to listen to her sweet jibber jabber. Love.

I have tried to find books that I know that Kess will love, but that I will actually enjoy reading to her... multiple times a night usually. You know the ones... It's not "nigh nigh" time until you read that favorite book 5 times! ;)

Here are our current favorite. They are adorable, clever and most of all unto read for parent & child.

- I tear up when I read this book. It's a sweet, mellow read for bedtime.
-We have the "Imagine" copy of this & it keeps Kess occupied at church. You can flip through a series of split up pages (which Kess loves) to "muddle" the story or you can "match" the story. They're super cute!
- This book is adorable, it talks about all sorts of kisses that animals give & Kess really loves the "woof kisses."
- This book is so fun! It's a touchy-feely book. Kess really loves those & we actually have a few of these. "That's not my lamb, duck..." There is a whole super cute collection. Perfect for little babes who love different textures.
-This is a super fun read, even for adults. It's energetic and clever. We make it a little song.
-This is one of our newer faves. I can honestly say that we read it about 5+ times every night. It's darling. I really love reading it.
-One of Kess' faves. This has a few nursery rhyme characters in it and their stories are all tied together. Super cute and Kess loves to point out the little characters and the rhyming is fun to sing along to.

What are your favorite kids' books? We are always looking to add more to our collection! 

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