Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Results

This #BEchallenge was so fun and SO HARD! I seriously thought I had it in the bag. I worked so hard. I tried to not take myself too seriously. I learned a ton about how I need to set goals & the best way for me to achieve them.
About a week and a half out from the finish line I counted out my points and realized that even if I had perfect days for the rest of the month I still wouldn't reach my goal. Talk about depressing. I was shocked. I had worked so hard. I didn't even swear that much! That's a big deal, guys. Even Matt was surprised when I told him that I wouldn't reach my goal. Total bummer.

These are the things I struggled with the most -
  • Meal Plan. My meal plan was 2 points for each day. So if I missed that mark even a little bit... 2 whole points were gone. Occasionally I would give myself 1 point if I went over my calorie count, but I ate healthy all day. I was on fire with my meal plan and then a weekend would hit & I think "weekends are for food & fun!" Well that mentality hurt me bad. 
  • Morning Prayers. I really struggle to get up before Kess does, but I started getting up early to go to the gym before she woke up and before Matt had to be at work. I thought this would help with my prayers, but I was still in a rush every morning. Evening prayers are easy for me to say, morning is a constant struggle. 
  • Scripture reading. Like I said above, mornings are always rushed. And in the evenings I'm done. So tired. So I tried to read during Kess' naps... that didn't work either. So many excuses. 
At the end of it all I found some yummy, healthy meals, learned a ton about myself and lost 2 whopping pounds.

So this is what I'm going to do about it...

#BEchallenge MAY 1st-15th

- Say morning prayers.
- Read scriptures
 - Follow set meal plan
- Take vitamins
- Drink 1 tsp Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

GOAL: 65 points 

Ok there is it! I decided to shorten my goal time to half of the month & then reassess for the 2nd half. The month long goal just didn't work for me, so I'm hoping shortening my goal time helps me stick to it! I'm hoping to make working out a priority, too! As much as I love working out with my little Kesser, it get's too tricky & my garage workouts were not helping me reach my goals. I've really loved going to the gym a few times a week before Kess wakes up. I'm much more motivated while at the gym, plus my day starts off with some "me time."

I'm excited to work on the things that I struggled the most with last month. That's my goal really... to work on ME, to constantly be learning about myself, to always be growing. Thank you all for your encouragement last month! Here we go!


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