Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend #BEcap

These last few weekends have been what our little family needs. We have either been go-go-go or sick & exhausted. Is it Spring, yet? 

Last weekend, we had our open house for our home! It went so much better than we thought it would! Tons of people stopped by & Kess was chill the whole day! So relieved! 

Kess & daddy got to work on the truck, too! She was probably a little too helpful, but it was adorable! Matt was patient & incredibly pumped to make his truck fancy! ;) Boys!

Easter Weekend was a blast! First off, Kess loved painting eggs! If you follow us on Instagram (@beautifuleffort) then you already know about my dying eggs fail! But, I brushed it off like a champ & brought out some washable paints! Kess loved it so much we painted eggs twice!! Winner! 

Matt sent me off for some stress-relief & retail therapy with my momma on Saturday morning. I really don't think of myself as the mom who needs constant time away for her family to remain sane.!8 love being at home with Kess, relaxing with Matt & really look forward to weekends so we can all spend time as a family. But, it did feel nice to spend a few hours doing a little something for myself! 

Kess did her first Easter egg hunt at Matt's parents! She mostly wanted to follow cousin Conrad & boss him around, but eventually got the hang of it. Then she figured out that those eggs were filled with handy, which she promptly handed to me so I could open them for her! She ain't no dummy! ;)

Easter Sunday was pretty low key, which is always nice! Kess had a blast picking through her basket & loved her trinkets & candy, of course! We then went off to church where Kess ate snacks out of Easter eggs & begged to go out in the hall so she could get a drink out of he drinking fountain. And by that, I mean so she can play in the drinking fountain! ;) I can't believe this is the only shot I got of Kess is her adorable Easter dress! And I was only snapping a picture to document how calm & distracted she was during my Young Women's class! This never happens - we usually don't even make it at church this long! Nap time in the middle of church is killer! 

We made it home & our little bunny got a nap & then we ate Easter dinner with my side of the family! I love holidays just for the simple fact that you get to see family!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I am grateful for our Savior & his Atonement. How lost we would be without it! He lives!


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