Monday, January 18, 2016

Date your spouse

A big part of this blog is to try new things. Over the last year or so, Matt and I have tried a few new restaurants, date ideas, etc. Today I'm sharing our favorites...

Last weekend we went on what I consider to be my "perfect date" - (no, not April 25th) 
We hired a sitter for Kess & headed to Boise to make the 4:00 Temple Session. It felt so good to leave the world behind. I truly believe that sometimes a person needs silence to gain understanding, I felt so at peace. At the end of our temple date, we headed over to the Village at Meridian to spend some gift cards. All the restaurants were over an hour wait, so we headed to our good ol' standby - The Outback. We never turn down a bloomin' onion. ever. 

It, too was over an hour wait. Matt remember that Copper Canyon had opened back up downtown. I'm so glad he did! It wrapped up our perfect date night. The food was insanely good, the courses were timed well & the live piano music was to die for. You know those perfect dates that you don't want to end? This was mine. We talked about Kess, our future, our past - all the good stuff! 

This type of date is actually a rarity for us. We often feel guilty for leaving Kess with a sitter when we could be spending time with her, or we could go out as a family. We often feel guilty for spending money on something frivolous like eating out, instead of cooking at home. And we definitely often guilty for feeling like we desperately need a date night, when life just isn't that bad. But we have come to realize that our time together is beyond needed. It's so important to spend alone time with one another - not alone time after you get the baby down for the night & you start your Netflix cue off where you left it (although we really do love that, too.)

Of course, not all your dates have to be fancy. Like I said before, we rarely do the fancy date thing. We actually have a lofty savings goal this year, so we decided to splurge on a fancy night one last time ;) 

Our favorite cheapo date is pizza & Redbox movie, grabbing Chinese food, getting frozen yogurt or heading out with friends to have appetizers for dinner. What are you favorite date nights? I kinda want to give pottery painting a try. Or a paint & sip night, or something crafty like that. Have you ever done those? Give me the scoop! 


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