Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015 #BEcap

I've been the worst blogger ever! The holidays have been so hectic & I've been trying to soak up time off with my little family, but don't worry - I'm back at it! You probably weren't worried, were you? ;)

Christmas was so fun & exhausting this year. I think it was a glimpse of Christmases to come. We stayed up way too late watching Muppet's Christmas Carol, painting Kess' IKEA table (talk about last minute, right?) & then finally assembling the table. I'll be posting an IKEA hack here in the next few days - it was beyond simple :)

Matt woke Kess up around 7:15 and brought her into bed with us. we got a good snuggle session in & then rushed to open presents. Kess didn't quite get what was going on, but the second she saw her little table, she was in love. It made all that dang last minute prep totally worth it! We had to pull her away to open the rest of her presents. We try to keep Kess' presents simple, mostly because she is ever growing, changing & honestly - we don't have the room for tons of toys. So this year we stuck to her little coloring table, some blocks & some princess magnets. She likes to play with the magnets on the fridge while I cook dinner, so I figured we could get some cute ones! She got some stuffed animals from grandparents, which she loved! She's a stuffed animals lover like her momma was!

After our little family Christmas we were off to Matt's parent's house! We started some breakfast casseroles before presents, but the little kiddos beat us to the punch, they snuck off & found their presents. It was actually pretty hilarious & they were really excited! Plus, how cute is that little shopping cart from grandma & grandpa?

After breakfast, Kess got a little grumpy. I'm sure the day is overwhelming & exhausting for these little ones, too. We decided to take off a little early & put her down for a nap. The little stinker dozed off in the car, so it took us a while to get her back to sleep, but she finally conked out. We, of course had to wake her up to get to my parent's house on time & she wasn't super pleased about that. She taught us a lesson by being a grump for a while. ;)

Kess got a little slide from my parents, she loves that too! She didn't quite get how to climb the ladder on her own, but we taught her so it makes our life a little easier! ;) We ate ourselves into a food-coma during Christmas dinner, so much food! It was delicious. We decided to head home to get our sassy girl into bed. All in all, it was a successful day full of love! It's super easy for me to get wrapped up in the presents and all the Christmastime activities, but I tried really hard to slow down & think of our Savior & His birth. What a glorious day that must have been! What a painful sacrifice it must have been for our Heavenly Father to send him to us. I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas with your family & friends!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Hunter Boots

Let me guess... you've been dreaming of Hunter Boots, but $150+ is just an 
unrealistic amount of money for rain boots? Ya, me too! I think they're beautiful, 
and super trendy, but that's a lot of dough... dough that could be spend of groceries, or baby clothes! #momlife

A friend of mine told me a secret... sells Hunter Boots for $80. $80!
Believe it! I snagged the tall gloss black in a heartbeat! Mine were back ordered, which was a bummer... but they totally shipped earlier than what they said! Bonus! To get this steal of a deal, you must be a member of Costco Wholesale (or know someone who is and borrow their membership number.)

 I was a little nervous about how often I would wear them. Let me tell you, I probably wear them
 too much. They pretty much go with everything! So, if you're hoping there are Hunter Boots waiting for you under the tree on Christmas morning. Head on over to & get moving! 
Merry Christmas to you!