Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Favorites

When starting this blog, I decided to put forth more effort to make Kess' day to day life more exciting. I know that she probably won't remember things for a while, nor does she probably appreciate the little things I do, but I will remember them forever. I want to know that I did little things in my children's live's to make their days magical. 
I'll be honest, I fall short pretty much every day, but someday's I totally pull it off & feel like
 "Mom of the Year!"

I saw these cute candy corn popsicles on Pinterest and I just so happen to have bought popsicle molds at IKEA when I was in Utah this summer. I had all the ingredients in my fridge (Score, that like never happens) I put vanilla Greek yogurt in the bottoms and let it freeze, then orange juice and let that layer freeze. Then for the finale, pour some pineapple juice in there & let it freeze. They look a tad bit un-perfect, but Kess woofed them down! 

I'm dying to try this White Chicken Chili recipe. I think it sounds amazing! I have never had chicken chili, so it will be fun to give it a go! Plus soups make me so happy when it starts to get chilly outside! 

My crazy talented friend Cortney, has a super fun Etsy shop called TreeHouseDesignz with the cutest stuff! She just helped me with a vinyl for this great sign that Matt built for our kitchen. She let me be super picky with the fonts, too! As soon as the sign is finished I'll be posting away. Go check out my new favorite Etsy shop! I dare you do not buy something! 

We are pretty boring around here. It's been a long week between teething, crazy work schedules and a house that never seems to stay clean. Matt & I are being selfish this weekend and going on 2 dates. On tonight & another Saturday night! Don't worry - we are taking Kesser to the pumpkin patch Saturday morning to pick out the perfect little pumpkin! 

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! 


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