Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fair 2015

#BEbucketlist #15

I love the fair! Mostly, I love the food! OK, all I love is the food! We didn't go last year because Kess was so teeny tiny, so I was really looking forward to a corn dog this year! ;)

We celebrated my momma's birthday at the fair!! So we threw caution to the wind and ate 4,753 calories.

Kess is just like me when it comes to animals... she likes to look, not touch!

We tried to take the babies on a few family rides, but they were too little, even with us riding with them. So we walked around played a few games. I was dying to go on the swings, so my parents watched Kess for a bit and Matt and I hopped in line for the carousal swings. I must be getting old, because I basically paid $10 to feel nauseated haha! At one point I looked back at Matt and he asked how I was doing, "Only okay!" "Same here!!" Yep, not quiet the adventurers we used to be.

Matt loves to look at the art in the expo building, so we wandered around. Kess really wanted to push her stroller so I let Matt look around & we found an open area to "stroll."

We (again) grabbed a bit more food. Kess got to eat grandma's ice cream potato, which she loved. This babe woofed down half a corn dog, a good amount of lemonade, more sips of Pepsi that we intended & got a snocone. Don't worry, we actually feed her healthy food from time to time ;)

The babies were officially done & ready for bed, so we took off & washed the fair off of Kess & got that girl to bed. My parents came by & we played a round of Klondike Rummy. At that point I was delirious because it was so late (11:00pm)... We wrapped up cards, I lost, and went to bed! Such a fun weekend! I love when we get a chance to do something we wouldn't normally do. Most of our weekends are filled with yard work, house work, or other little odds and ends, so when we get a chance to play in Boise, or go to the fair - it's a great weekend! :)


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