Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Shop Beautiful Effort

It's official! You can now SHOP Beautiful Effort graphic tees! Designed by yours truly! I am so excited to move forward with the blog and to be able to earn a little bit of extra money without having to leave Kess. I love doing hair and will more than likely always carry a small clientele, but in order to make more money - I had to leave Kess with a sitter or bring her with; which became challenging because a baby at a salon is a little crazy & I always miss her when I leave her! I'm a wuss! Isn't that the craziest thing? We always want a break and then we miss those darn kids! ;)

I had been thinking of ways to create a little extra income while staying at home. I have mediocre sewing skills and I'm not very crafty. But, I love to design - I like to think I have an eye for it, plus I have been loving all these trendy adorable graphic tees I kept seeing all over social media. Then I decided I had a few ideas of my own up my sleeve and gracefully did a swan dive
"cannon-balled" in.

It's had a few glitches, frustrated moments and doubts along the way - I'm sure I will see many more as we grow. But, I have also been really excited, happy and blessed to see this come about. Thank you all for being apart of this with me! I truly couldn't do this without you! I love this community of friends, wives and mothers that I get to be in touch with every day! Thank you for keeping my life real, honest and uplifting! You are all awesome! Have a great weekend!

To purchase a Beautiful Effort tee click SHOP on the right hand corner of the screen! Follow @beautifuleffort on Instagram for discount codes, giveaways & more designs to come!


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