Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer Bucket List

I've been trying to think of some fun things that Kess & I can do this summer - we will include Matt too! ;) ...when he isn't slammed at work! 

Without further ado... the Summer Bucket List 
*not listed in number of importance* ;)

1. Pool day #errday ... I can't pull that off, can I? OK, go to the pool as many times as we can!
2. Go to the zoo
3. Eat a SnoCone
4. Light off "mini-fireworks" on the 4th of July (before Kess' bedtime)
5. Make "mocktails" 
6. Take Kess on a bike ride
7. Blow lots of bubbles
8. Go on lots of walks/runs/stroller rides
9. Finger paint
10. Can our garden
11. Go to Hyde Park & get a treat at Goodies
12. Go to the Boise Farmers' Market
13. Walk on the Boise Greenbelt
14. Stand on the BSU Blue Turf
15. Go to the Fair

I will be posting on our Bucket List adventures on Instagram @beautifuleffort as we check them off our list! You can find them all under #BEbucketlist

What's on your Summer Bucket List? Share with us, we are always looking for a new adventure!


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