Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Birthday Celebration

Last year, I celebrated my 24th birthday by going to dinner with Matt and starting our Hypnobirthing Class! I know, calm down party girl!

I knew this year would be even better because I have Kess here with me to celebrate instead of being 34 weeks pregnant! Little did I know that it would be one of, if not the funnest birthday I've had yet!
Saturday morning, Kess slept in about 30 minutes longer than usual (talk about a great birthday present!) Matt got up before me and started breakfast! I was treated to bacon, eggs and toast. I usually cook breakfast so this was a treat! After we finish eating we are sitting around the table & Matt tells me that he needs me ready to go in 30 minutes. I asked why, because we had already discussed going to the Farmer's Market after Kess' morniing nap. He said, "I booked you a Hot Stone massage & a manicure at Two Rivers. Your massage starts at 9:30!" Ahhh! This guy nailed my birthday present this year! I gave him a big hug and kiss, then skipped and squealed all the way back to our room to get ready! I hustled to get ready, but knew I needed to be cute because Matt & Kess would be meeting me for lunch after my spa day! 
I jetted out of the house, hoping I wouldn't be late. I hit some construction on the freeway, my local friends know that our freeway construction is a total pain in the... ya know! ;) I, of course, keep speeding through the construction zone and as I take my exit, I get pulled over. Frreeak! I haven't gotten a ticket since I was 19. Matt's gunna kill me! 
The officer walked up to my window and asked told me he pulled me over because I was speeding, and asked if I knew what the speeding limit was in the construction zone, I lied and said, "Isn't it 65?" I know it's 55... He said, "Well you were going 72, and the speed limit is 55." "Oh wow, yes that's a bit over, I'm sorry." And then asked where I was going to quickly. I laughed and blurted out, "This is going to sound ridiculous, but my husband booked me a spa day!" He laughed and said, "Ok, let me see your license and registration." I panicked a little thinking that now I'm really going to be late! The officer walked back and said, "It would be a really big bummer if your spa day cost you an extra $100. Slow down and have fun!" I promised to slow down & gleefully thanked him! I kept my promise and didn't speed the rest of the way!
My massage was heavenly! Carrying around Kess & trying to get back into an exercise routine have taken a little toll on my body, so the hot stones felt so great! After my manicure I met Matt & Kess at the Grimaldi's (Coal Brick-Oven Pizza.) Neither of us have been, so we had to give it a try! We really like it! Not our favorite pizza of all time, but we would go back again!

We got home and Kess girl took her afternoon nap. Matt and I decided to nap, too! (another birthday present!) After we all woke up from our little snooze, Matt told me that my day wasn't over yet. He & Kess were going to hang out for the night & I needed to be ready because my ride would be here by 4:30! What??
I hustled to get ready, Matt and Kess help me pick out an outfit. There is a knock on the door. I know who it is, because I saw a brief text on Matt's phone when I handed it to him a few weeks ago. I still didn't know what exactly what was going on... My sister Santanna was at the door! YAY! Girl time!
I kissed my 2 favorite people and we left! Santanna told me that we were going to have some girl time and get some dinner at Barbacoa! I am pumped because Santanna and I don't get too much girl time together - we usually have 2 little ones in tow ;) 
We get to Barbacoa and Santanna tells them that she has a reservation for 2 under Kierra Kaiserman & one of the hostess' tell the other that our table is outside and to the left. She leads us to our table and as I turn the corner my mom, mother-in-law and my friends shout "Surpirse!!" Oh my gosh! I was so happy and so shocked! It was so much fun to have most of my friends all in the same place! We got to chat and laugh hysterically, share bites from each other's meals! Such a blast! Santanna made cupcakes from scratch, which were delicious! We finally wrapped up the meal with plenty of pictures! I truly needed this day! Matt put so much effort into giving me some much needed free time and Santanna planned the best girl's night! 

 My sweet friend Macey dropped by, even though she had a soccer game to play in! 

 My mother-in-law, momma & sister

I was pretty excited about this cotton candy! 

I spent my official birthday (today) with my Kess Kess, hung out with my momma, sister and mother-in-law a little bit throughout the day. I rented a Redbox movie and Matt brought home Chinese food. We are planted on the couch, sending emails, writing blogs and watching our movie!! 25 is shaping up to the pretty dang great!


  1. I don't need to wish you happy birthday. You had an excellent day. This is going to be a happy, happy year too. Everything in your life is much more settled and future looks fabulous. Enjoy being 25!

    1. Thank you Judy! It was the best day! Hope to see you soon!

    2. Thank you Judy! It was the best day! Hope to see you soon!