Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

We took advantage of our long weekend to get our yard ready for Summer! I'm sitting here, Monday evening... exhausted!

Actually, our weekend was perfect! Matt was able to get off work relatively early, which is always a treat! We had a sitter come stay with Kess. This was the first time we left her with a sitter that wasn't family - she did phenomenal and so did the babysitter! Matt and I spent our date night at the temple. I've been dying to do that for years! It was so special to finally go back since our sealing. We made it to the last session and we the last few in the Celestial Room! It was amazing to be able to talk with Matt in such a sacred and quiet environment! Truly a spiritual night! *A post is in the works about our Sealing Day, I'll get that finalized soon!*

The rest of the weekend was spent doing all of our yard work, reworking some sprinklers in our system, pouring some concrete, planting our garden and all of our flowers. We even got around to staining our garden fence and planter boxes. Our shed/garden project took us forever last year - Matt was actually working on it the day I went into labor with Kess! It was nice to wrap it all up.

We spent about a zillion dollars at Home Depot buying all of our supplies and plants! I now have beautiful planter boxes and a strawberry plant, too! I'm pretty dang excited about that! (Once you're excited about your plants... you know you're getting old)

We only had sacrament meeting on Sunday due to our gym floor being refinished (It was kind of  totally awesome) We got Kess home in time for a good morning nap and got to relax most of the day!We drove out to Melba to visit my Grandpa Sho's grave. I hadn't been out there in forever and Matt had never been out there - which is kind of sad to me since we've been married for 5 years, but he's been slammed for those 5 years. It was very peaceful and really good to be out there.

I hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day & enjoy your short work week!


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