Saturday, March 21, 2015

Maskcara IIID Foundation Review

OK, so you guys know that a big part of this blog is trying new things. I really struggle with spending extra money on makeup. I get most of my makeup from Wal-Mart (gasp, I know!) but, it works! I've been dying to try Maskcara's IIID Foundation since its first generation. So I saved up a bit of my Christmas money and purchased it at her launch party!

You guys - I kinda really freakin' love it! And as far as it being more expensive than my good ol' Wal-mart makeup - it's not! It is highly pigmented, and you really don't use much for each application. Cost per application = stellar deal. I feel like it sinks into your skin, rather than just sitting on top - which I think helps it look a lot more natural.

This is an unedited shot. This was taken hours after I put my make-up on, so this isn't even a fresh application. This isn't a "fishing for compliments" picture - this is a "holy crap this makeup is fabulous" picture. 

This (unedited) picture has less direct light , so you can see the Highlight & Contour better. I seriously love this blush, too! It's crazy hot pink, so I was nervous at first - but it blends so well. Perfection!

As a cosmetologist I learned a lot about makeup in school. I thought I loved bold makeup, but then as I really got to dive into makeup artistry I learned that I like subtle makeup. It's my strength. I prefer to have people question if I even have makeup on. So, I was actually pretty nervous to purchase this because I don't even wear foundation. I'm a concealer and quick powder kind of girl. Again, I worried about nothing. This stuff has a light coverage, which I love! But, I've heard of people putting a light layer of their foundation underneath the HAC (highlight and contour), if you prefer a heavier coverage.

I bought the Custom Palette. It includes a highlight, contour,blush & illuminator.
These are the colors I got




I didn't purchase the brush, because I have some Sephora (1//2) brushes that I love already. I do definitely recommend a beauty blender. It will help blend the lines of the different colors. My highlight went on kinda yellow, which is great for my dark circles under my eyes. #momistired

I debated changing my highlight color to Wheat because it's a little darker, but I think I'll keep the Sunlit and also purchase the Wheat. That way I have both. We all have tan and pale seasons, so I figured it would be handy to have both on hand! 

I was going to post a tutorial video, but I was terrified that I would look like a goober. Being able to do a video tutorial is a true talent - one that I'm not blessed with. To learn more about Highlighting and Contouring go to
 Here is a great tutorial video to show what colors to place where. 

She posts great videos and can help you color match as well! You won't regret it! 

Photography Credit: Callie Mae Photography 


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