Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine Party Mix & Our Love Story

Happy Valentine's Day my friends - I wanted to share mine & Matt's love story in honor of Valentine's Day!

Also, I wanted to share a quick yummy treat. I have loved white chocolate popcorn for years. It's super addicting. I usually add some cute sprinkles, but I recently saw that someone added pretzel sticks and Chex cereal. This made it more like a party mix, rather than a dessert! Dangerous! It's so yummy! I could eat a whole bowl of it myself.
It's super easy... which is a problem ;)

I like air popped popcorn. I usually put a cup of kernels in and pop away.
Once it's popped, I scoop it out of the first bowl to another bowl, that way you leave all the 
un-popped kernels in the first bowl. 
Then throw in a few handful of Chex and pretzel sticks. Pour melted vanilla flavored almond bark or white chocolate (almond bark sets up quicker) and mix it all together. Once it's coated lightly, lay it all out on wax paper. Melt more almond bark and drizzle it all over the popcorn. Then add sprinkles. I love that you can add whatever sprinkles you want to make it festive! I've even put crushed candy cane in it for Christmas! 

Viola!  A delicious and incredibly addicting snack! 

And I can't leave you without a picture of my cutest little Valentine!
Gah! She melts me!

Recipe modified from Little Baby Garvin


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