Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Yard House

We went out on a date without Kess for the first time today! Yes, really! We've been slammed for months, so going out together was dang near impossible! We left Kess girl with my parents and took off for a few hours this afternoon. It felt weird not packing Kess around with us, but it was also very nice! It was great to be able to chat with Matt over a meal without handing Kess girl cheerios ;)
We went to The Village at Meridian. I'm pretty sure we are the last people in the Treasure Valley to go to The Yard House. I've been dying to go since it opened, but it's an outrageous wait on a Friday/Saturday night. So we decided to go on a day date and catch a late lunch. The lettuce wraps for an appetizer were really delicious! Matt got the Asada Street Tacos & I got the Penne with Chicken. Yummy!

We took a stroll around the Village, grabbed some frozen yogurt & drove back to pick up Kess. It was so nice to get out. We missed our little girl! It's amazing how much you look forward to having alone time, but then you can't get back to your kids fast enough!

Have you guys tried The Yard House? What's your favorite meal? We definitely want to go back!


  1. You're not the last people - Terry and I haven't even walked around The Village yet, just drove by and said we need to check it out someday. Glad you guys had a real date!

    1. You should go check it out! We took Jim & Nan there the other weekend, because they hadn't been yet either!! Let me know when you go!! Go for lunch - it's less crazy busy! ;)