Monday, February 2, 2015

The Purpose Behind The Words

Throughout High School I kept a journal. I would write down every detail of every day. Eventually it went to every other day, every week, and eventually I stopped writing altogether. I found writing to be very therapeutic, and it was easy for me to get all my raw emotions out on paper. I remember multiple occasions where I would cry as I wrote, or smile, or laugh. Whatever I was feeling went on paper, but also came out in waves of emotion. I miss being able to look back on those entries and being able to remember exactly how I felt when I was writing them. I also miss being able to see myself grow and change as a person. From one page to the next, I changed.

I've thought about starting this blog for a while now. I've kept a personal blog for family and friends to keep up with the daily happenings of my husband and I, and now our little daughter. But I've needed something more lately. I've needed to reconnect with who I am, and who I want to be. My life has been lacking something – me, living. Now don’t get me wrong, I have an amazing life – a life that I have wanted for as long as I can remember. I have a wonderful, hardworking, supportive, loving, (and let’s not forget – very handsome) husband, and we have a beautiful daughter who lights up my world. I couldn't ask for better people that surround me and love me. I am truly happy! But my life has been lacking personal passion and growth.

My husband lights up when he talks about fishing, hunting and the outdoors. He will gladly wake up at 4:00am to go fishing, in a freezing cold river, knowing full well that he might not catch anything that day. 4:00am you guys! I have nothing that I would gladly wake up at 4:00am for. As much as I love my daughter, I’m a little bummed when I have to wake up at 4:00am just to give her a pacifier.

Sure, I have things I like to do. I like to run, be fit and cook. I like fashion, skin care, hair and make-up. I like shopping and finding a good deal. I even do the occasional craft or sewing project. But in all honesty I rarely step out of my comfort zone – it’s easy and it’s so comfortable. Now, if you asked me if I was a hard worker, in a heartbeat I would tell you yes. I believe in hard work and a killer work ethic. But if you asked me if I really – I mean really – live my life to the fullest, I would look down at my feet and tell you no.

In order to live we must put forth effort. I have found myself on multiple occasions taking the path of least resistance. I will do what’s comfortable before I branch out and give something new a try. So, that’s one of my goals this year and the purpose of this blog. I am going to branch out, to try something new, to get out of the house, to make a big deal out of the little things in life, to make my daughter’s day, and to make sure that my husband knows that I am really living my life to the fullest.

This blog isn't about becoming or being perfect. This blog isn’t about being happy 100% of the time. This blog isn't even about posting all the wonderful new things that I’m trying and making sure my Instagram feed is top notch. This blog is about my personal effort to find passion, to try something new, and to stop waiting for life to happen to me. This blog is about being real, honest and genuine. It’s about living a life to be proud of. I am a determined, smart, happy person, and I’m going to share all of that with you.

This is where you come in. If you’re interested in trying something new or just interested in my little story, then please, follow along. The more the merrier and I promise we’re going to have some fun! I would love for you to share something with me or to give me something new to try! (I draw the line at skydiving, though!) It can be something as simple as a new recipe for dinner, or wearing a new shade of lipstick (I’ll even go out in public). Or, it could be reading a book that I wouldn't have even considered, or trying a new kitchen gadget or product.  I’m going to try to make little holidays a bigger deal in my home, or I might even go on a date with my husband that doesn't include the usual stand-by of Chinese food and renting a movie from Redbox.  ;-)

This blog will also include other bits and pieces of my life. It might even include something that is “tried and true” at our house, so you can try something new at yours. It will include things that make me smile, and things that I’m proud of. You better believe you’ll be seeing plenty of pictures of my family, my sweet daughter, and snippets of our life.

This blog isn’t so much about finding passion in any one particular thing, but is more so about being passionate about life in general, and ensuring that I put forth effort to grow as a person, as a wife, as a mother, and as a daughter of God. I understand that we can’t constantly be on the go, and we can’t always be 100% all the time – that’s life. But I do want to give this life of mine everything I have and my best foot forward.  I’m very excited to welcome you into my life and my little adventure of growth.

I hope to make connections with people, to have genuine conversations, and to say something that makes you think “I've been there, too!”  I hope that I give you something that resonates within that you can appreciate. I hope to create a community of people who are going through the same things I am – being a new mother, being a wife, running a home and juggling about a hundred other things. I hope to be candid, truthful and sincere, but to do so in a positive light. I hope you enjoy this journey, because I’m sure going to. Welcome to my “Beautiful Effort.”

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  1. Kierra, I love everything you said! I want to be on the same journey. I've been wanting to get back to blogging for months now. I know that writing about my life somehow makes me a better person. You've motivated me.
    I've been reading a book that was written in 1947, Mrs. Mike, about a teenage wife that goes with her husband to live in Northern Alberta in the early 1900s. I'm going to look back and find a part where she learns that life is the little things. I'll send it to you.

  2. Also, I love, love, love the name of your blog.

    1. Judy, Thank you so much! You made my night! I would love to read that book!! Thank you so much for the support. I am really excited about the blog & hope it makes people as happy as it makes me! :)

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