Friday, February 27, 2015


We have officially moved back from McCall. For those who didn't know, we moved to McCall, Idaho temporarily for my husband's job. He had a project to do at the hospital up there. So, instead of being apart - we decided to have Kess & I move up there, too! It's a dang good thing we did because the project took about 2 months longer than we thought it would!

Our McCall adventure was really hectic and long. Traveling back and forth every few weeks with Kess as a two month old baby was very rough. We got the hang of it and Kess was a champ! It eventually got tough on her to settle and sleep well because she was constantly in a different place, and it only got harder as she got older. We are very happy to be sleeping in one place!
My parents came up for the last 2 days we were in McCall. They had some work to do there for half a day and then we got to play with them for the rest of the time! We hadn't tried McCall Brewing Company yet, so we gave it a try for lunch! It was delicious!! Totally recommend it, if you're ever up there!
Matt got off work early, so we got to relax and enjoy each others' company before dinner at Toll Station Pizza. This is one of our favorite restaurants in McCall. Yummy pizza, amazing salad bar and good customer service. Another place to give a try if you're ever up there! A few of our other favorite restaurants were Pueblo Lindo, My Father's Place & The Pancake House.

It was such a huge help to have my parents up there to help us move all of our crap home! I couldn't believe how much stuff we had up there (mostly baby stuff, but still!!) Matt and I decided that it's yard sale time! We have been able to live out of suitcases for 5 months, so we are trying to be minimalists and clean out our home! I'm a total hoarder. Any advice for me? I have an odd attachment to things that I should just throw away! HA!


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